Donaumonarchie Project

Gyula Szabó, 2006
Middle of Europe, 2006
240 x 500 cm
Photos by Marián Ravasz
“I was born in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, went to school in Czechoslovakia, married in Hungary, live in Slovakia. I have never moved out from my birthplace. Szabó Gyula
(Július Szabó, October 17, 1916 – February 15, 1995, Kližská Nemá)”
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Optimal Space

50 x 50 x 50 cm
Particle board, stainless steel, glass, led lamps, measuring instruments, electronics
Location: HIT Gallery, Bratislava
Photos by Martin Marenčin
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The Wall 2.

224 x 130 x 736 cm
Location: Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK
“In her first UK exhibition, artist Ilona Németh will transform the lower gallery space at Modern Art Oxford with her mysterious mud-brick installation, The Wall. Visitors will walk through the partially enclosed structure, which has been constructed on site with 450 mudbricks. First exhibited in 1995 in a disused synagogue, the bricks were made with local mud and straw following a process used by the rural Romany population in Slovakia. For the Oxford exhibition, the bricks are being hand-made in the Chilterns.”
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